The Team

Health Education

Curing our patients is something, and providing them with the necessary knowledge to help them prevent disease is something else, and both are of equal importance for a safer community. The Health Education Team provides patients with all the knowledge needed to manage their disease and when to seek professional help.This is successfully achieved through spreading health awareness messages as a part of patient education and preventive medicine to decrease the frequency of infections and risk of communicable and non-communicable diseases which is essential for productivity and community nourishment.Our motto is to help the young lead a healthy life for they are tomorrow’s hope.


For us to continuously improve our practice, and make sure that our initiatives have been implemented successfully, the EUR team is important to make sure that everything stands within the line, and to make sure that our objectives and workforce are in the best shape needed.


The Relief team is responsible for the relief of the patient and the relief of the PSTians. This entails organizing fun-days for the patients at the hospital, to try and lessen from the severity of their disease. Our job also includes organizing PST's general meetings and closing ceremonies, as well as regular team building activities to keep our members motivated and ready to achieve their best potentials.


We are the link between the team and the general public using our social media accounts. With responsibilities that include writing captions, creating designs and managing all of our online events, the online team is also the creative mind behind the designs and videos used by the other teams.


The team members work to help raise awareness of the shortage of supplies or devices in Abo El Reesh hospital. This is successfully achieved through regular hospital visits to update the list of needs & then informing our donors to facilitate the process of their donations until we are sure their contribution has reached the right place.


Our fundamental aim here at PST is, without a doubt, providing the hospital with what it needs but cannot provide. Fundraising is one of the means used to assist with the hospital’s tight budget and fulfill its many requirements. Through hosting exciting events, selling our own products, and extending PST’s network to include more sponsors, labs and drug companies, we are able to do just that.


To make sure that our efforts do not go to waste, frequent training sessions are held from time to time to help strengthen the skills of our different team members, which allows them to acquire extra skills needed by their team and therefore learn how to manage their time effectively. This results in more skilled and efficient volunteers.
As trainers, we learn a lot throughout the training journey and it’s our duty to pass it on because training can really change a life.


The expenses' team main effort is directed towards adjusting PST’s budget through the proper collection of the membership fees, selling some products to PSTians, and proper division of the money on the teams according to their needs.


With a rising incidence of renal failure, many of our country's children are admitted to Abu El Reesh Hospital to undergo renal dialysis. These patients frequent the hospital 3 times a week, spend four hours a time in the renal dialysis unit which forces them to skip school in order to attend their sessions. In addition, their condition often causes them to be too weak, which makes them prone to bullying. In PSTeachers we decided that these kids should not be living merely to survive.We decided to show them the light. Our aim is to provide a certain level of education to those kids during their stay in the hospital, making the best use of their time, teaching them that the world is much broader than a room filled with white sheets and monitors.

The Blood Initiative

We believe that the lack of a blood donation culture is one of the most dangerous health problems in Egypt, and is one that has seen very little improvement so far. This led us to believe that the solution lies in our hands and in our systematic voluntary efforts. So we've made it our mission to have no patients in Egypt die due to a lack of blood supply.

Mustashfa Devotees

Thousands of patients come to Abo El Reesh hospital daily from all over Egypt, many of them are travelling from different governorates and are completely new to the city, most of which are mothers leaving other kids at home to get their sick child to see the doctor, and a big portion of them is illiterate. With the huge flow that comes to the hospital, the working personnel find it challenging to guide and instruct each patient throughout the hospital. That's when our Mustashfa Devotees (MD's) step in to volunteer their time and efforts to help navigate the patients throughout the 3 buildings of Abo El Reesh, where they assure them, comfort them, and finish any paperwork needed for them. Moreover, they spot any urgent cases that are waiting for their turn in the clinics and rush with them to the ER.