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Please read the following guidelines carefully before applying to any position.

1. Please answer all the questions in details.

2. Validity of the application is crucial for it to meet the position needs and to fulfill the criteria needed to proceed to an interview.

3. Next mega recruitment will be on March 2019. Other mini recruitment events may be held throughout the year according to the need.

4. Responses and communication are through emails, Facebook or whatsapp so please make sure you write a valid email address, Facebook link and phone number and check your email/others messages in facebook regularly for responses.

5. Please read the job description of the team very well and contact us on our Facebook page for any further details or questions. Or you can ask any friend you know from that team.

6. Please notice that PST has 11 different teams each of themhas very specific job description and separate link of application, so makesure you are applying in the one you really want.

7. Core teams (Mostashfa devotees, Health education, Blood initiative and PSTeachers) only accept medical students (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry …etc) as the medical background is needed for their work.

8. Mostashfa devotees, Health education and PSTeachers accept only 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.  

9. After you fill the application it will be reviewed for validity which depends on your knowledge about the team and its job description.

10. If your application is not valid we will contact you as mentioned above to tell you where the defect was and send you a new link to reapply.

11. If your application was valid and accepted, we'll contact you to arrange an interview very soon. (Make sure you write a correct and working phone number).


Mostashfa Devotees: Apply here.
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The Blood Initiative: Apply here.
EUR: Apply here.
Training: Apply here.
Relief: Apply here.
Online: Apply here.
Fundraising: Apply here.
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