Abo El-Rish Children Hospital serves hundreds of thousands of children's every year, for free. This puts a huge strain on its resources, which forces it to rely on donations to cover this shortage. By organizing popular events and fun activities we try to shed a light on the hospital's dire needs, as well as raise money to benefit its various departments. These are some of the events we organized for the benefit of the hospital.

Trick or Speak

Trick or Speak is an open mic night that also doubled as a Halloween party. People got the chance to enjoy different speakers, or even be one of those speakers themselves. All of this while participating in a costume party as a unique monster of their own imagination


We've all heard about the various "موالد" that take place all over Egypt all year round. We've seen it represented in movies, series and even in the amazing operetta "الليلة الكبيرة". We've heard about it, been fascinated by it and so, we decided to celebrate it!
The Patient Support Team proudly celebrated Egyptian traditions and folklore with its first "Moled", in an attempt to experience this integral part of our cultural heritage.

A Trip to Siwa

During that mid year vacation, we decided that we needed to unwind a little bit.
So we packed our bags, and embarked on a thrilling adventure to wonderful Siwa, experiencing the delights that Siwa has to offer. We climbed through the ruins of the old city for magnificent views of the whole oasis, took a walk, rented a bicycle and rode in a caretta (donkey cart) to the outlying sights. We tasted traditional Siwan food, and enjoyed a truly unforgettable and unique cultural experience.


In collaboration with Persona magazine, we came up with Speak!
It was an artsy night during which we witnessed great performances by our audience and topped it all with the epic Coldplay tribute band Strawberry Swing performing some of Coldplay's best songs live.

The Harry Potter Experience 2: Triwizard Tournament

Due to the massive success of the first Harry Potter experience  and in compliance with the massive public demand, The Harry Potter Experience 2: Triwizard Tournament came to be. We decided to host a Triwizard Tournament in Egypt, for the first time ever. During which we all got the chance to represent our school, and defend its honor and reputation in front of the entire international wizarding community.

The Harry Potter Experience

Our first Harry Potter Experience and our first Mega Event ever,in which we announced our partnership with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to bring its centuries-old magical traditions to Egypt, for the first time ever, in a one-of-a-kind charity event. On Saturday the 29th of August, the magical world of Harry Potter disabled its concealment spells, and opened its doors to wizards (and a few muggles and squibs) everywhere, to live out all of their magical fantasies.

Marvel vs DC

Patient Support Team offered you the opportunity to finally become the superheroes you’ve always dreamed of being, through this great event. We all donned our masks and capes, and enjoyed a day full of geekery and awesomeness, and lived out our dreams of superheroism.